Sherwayne A. Mahoney,
    P r e s i d e n t  \  C r e a t i v e  D i r e c t o r

                                                             Mr. Mahoney was distinguishing himself as a stylish
                                                             innovator; something he credits to his pedigree.  Born
                                                             of Irish and Caribbean roots, Mr. Mahoney credits his
                                                             mother and father, as well as much of his extended
                                                             family for instilling in him the characteristics of a
                                                             leader, and an in-born creative spirit. His father was a
                                                             strong individual who masterfully crafted and
                                                             designed leather items and hand-carved wooden
                                                             goods. His mother was once a model for upscale
                                                             designers, before becoming an arts director and
                                                             playwright. Now a spiritual leader of the family
                                                             church. Many other members of his family were
                                                             independent business people and entrepreneurs.

                                                                           With strong family influences and support, it’s by no
                                                                           means a surprise that Mr. Mahoney would develop a
rich combination of talents that would come to define his career and subsequently his business venture Things
II Come.

To truly understand Things II Come, one must get a sense of Mr. Mahoney himself, where he came
from, where he is now, and where he is going (and would like to take others).

As a child, growing up in the Bronx, the young Mr. Mahoney always enjoyed dressing well. At an age
and in an environment where clothes were generally utilitarian rather than stylish, he broke of the mold
with his wardrobe. At the same time, Mr. Mahoney was constantly drawing and developing a skill for
transporting creative images in his mind into visual forms that he could share with family and friends.

Growing up in a household with creative parents, an appreciation for fine arts was prevalent at home.
Music, visual arts are still elements of his childhood to which Mr. Mahoney points as strongly
influential in his maturation, having settled in permanently into the man he is today. This appreciation
for beauty and aesthetic precision similarly influenced his passion for fine tailoring and color in his
defining style.

As a teen, and at the suggestion of a friend, Mr. Mahoney enrolled in a Fashion Design elective class
in high school. This presented a pivotal opportunity for him, allowing him to take his, already well-
developed sense of style and fashion, and merge it with his drawing and artistic talents. His potential
was instantly apparent to his instructor who urged Mr. Mahoney to pursue a fashion career and
consistently awarded him the highest academic scores in the class.

Following his instructor’s direction, Mr. Mahoney enrolled at Parsons School of Design in New York
City where his was immediately impressed at the wealth of talent around him, both in his professors
and in his fellow students. Though Parsons was a great experience, it became apparent to Mr.
Mahoney that study at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) would be more a practical option to
help him realize his creative potential and his career objectives.

For Mr. Mahoney, FIT brought together an ideal combination of creativity and business. It was here
that he came to appreciate the luxury business—the hallmark of his Things II Come brand today.
Gaining an understanding and appreciation of fine quality and imported, often rare fabrics breathed
new life into the development of Mr. Mahoney’s dreams. Now he would begin to develop fashion

concepts that not only looked good, but were well made of quality fabrics and could be marketed to
consumers with distinguished tastes… luxury.

It wasn’t only his formal education at FIT that has helped him to master his craft. While in college,
Mr. Mahoney worked in retail sales at such venues as the Warner Bros. Store, the NBA Store, and
Restoration Hardware where he developed a strong understanding of customer service. He was frequently
sought after by repeat customers for his expertise and attention to detail.
Additionally, he worked in visual merchandising at H&M, often staying late to learn from the visual manager
about details of marketing and product placement. His experience at H&M was further
complimented by his work with the Tommy Hilfiger USA with the Ladies merchandising team and the U.S.
Director of Merchandising and Sales at Escada USA, which provided Mr. Mahoney the opportunity to visit
several of their stores where he discovered the strategies of merchandising and visual merchandising in different
settings with some variation in the clientele. This experience was invaluable to Mr. Mahoney as it provided a
window into the psychology of the consumer, and experience in effective luxury marketing, advertising,
product placement, and customer service.

Meanwhile, in the midst of his education and experience, the seeds of Things II Come were planted.
Setting out in 2008 to create a luxury brand, Mr. Mahoney determined to make scarves the flagship
product of his production. Then, after working at Nine West Holdings Inc. (formally - The Jones Group), in
2012, he served as a sample manager for Easy Spirit shoes brand, then promoted to the Bandolino group where
he worked as a product developer. Sherwayne quickly learn and develop new skills within the footwear
business. His drive soon propelled him to learn to sketch and design abilities, as well as key sales negotiation
tactics, and presentation skills within footwear industry.

Distinguishing his merchandise from others on the market, he developed his now signature two-button design.
This was first tested on his signature scarves collection which was well received by many. By his own witness,
Mr. Mahoney’s family is not known to complement each other’s ideas unless one is due and wouldn’t hesitate
to offer constructive and careful criticism where necessary. His line of five scarves was a hit with the family
and he knew the time was right to present his ideas to a wider public audience.

Always armed with a few piece of merchandise, Mr. Mahoney was able to generate interest with various
individuals who, in turn, recommended his work to others and concept of Things II Come was off and running
in 2008. Some women wanted scarves directly from his existing designs, while others suggested variations.

Through additional personal relationships, Mr. Mahoney was able to travel both domestically to places
like Chicago and California, as well as internationally to London and Paris, and now more recently Italy, where
his latest collection of women shoes where made.

Through his early travels, the Things II Come scarves began to generate great buzz and Mr. Mahoney added to
his offerings, producing a custom-made fur handled handbag with his signature, two-button design. While his
primary focus on scarves has not diminished, he has been able to compliment the line in creative ways
with his handbag, jewelry and women shoe designs, which has become the brand’s core business venture

In the conceptual moments of the brand, some of its merchandise were advertised in both local newspapers in
New York City, as well as nationally circulated magazines.  Whereas today, Things II Come has and continues
to participate in the Fashion Footwear Association of New York’s Shoe Expo (FFANY) grabbing the attention
of local and major retailers and, has been featured in TV news segments. Mr. Mahoney’s potential to capture the
market seems limitless. In addition, the Things II Come website has generated
worldwide inquiries from United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Canada.

Things II Come is now poised to explode into an international phenomenon, thanks to the creative
entrepreneurial spirit behind it all, Sherwayne Mahoney. As Mr. Mahoney says, “You don’t wear
luxury, you become luxury.”